The path that led me to become a holistic therapist in psychotherapy, massage, and energy healing has been full of hard-won growth and blessing. No way could I have known that each milestone I reached on my journey would lead to not only the full life I live now, but also to this work that is so close to my heart.

The inspiration for becoming a psychotherapist came from my own life. As an adult, I received the help of several truly extraordinary people who showed me how I could in fact grow and overcome obstacles I had been facing. My therapy at that time caused hope to spring to life within me, and sometime later I realized that what I wanted to do most in the world was to be a helper for other people, especially those who were suffering emotionally. I knew I had to learn the field in a way that was grounded in both experiential and scholarly knowledge, so I went on to graduate school to receive my Master’s degree in Counseling/Psychology. From the challenges of my youth has come the inspiration and inner experience that helps me in assisting others today.

How I discovered my love of practicing massage and energy healing arose years ago from a compelling, spontaneous desire to help family and friends who I could see had muscle pain, tension, or seemed to need some kind of relief. As I did, I was amazed to find that my hands felt like they had a life of their own and knew just where to go to relieve a problem. This proved to be a light and joyous experience for both the recipients and myself.

Then, while giving a massage one day, something puzzling happened. Instead of my hands moving on the person’s body in the usual way, they glided in the air just above it. I followed this impulse and, to my surprise, it produced very positive results. Later I came to realize this was the beginning experience of my practicing energy healing, which, incidentally, I do mostly through touch today. Although I hadn’t even heard of energy healing back then, and was only slightly familiar with massage, I can now see that these spontaneous experiences were the first steps that led me down the road of the professional work I do today. They are what led me to pursue professional training in all the areas of my expertise.

Without originally planning to, I became three therapists in one, using these separate but complementary therapies to provide the specific healing that is right for each client. Back then I couldn’t have guessed where my own path of self-discovery would lead me, but all I can think now is “Thank God, I trusted the process!

Summary of Credentials and Experience

  • Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology with a concentration in addictions from Antioch University New England.
  • Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of NH.
  • Board Certified Massage/Bodywork Therapist.
  • Member of the Vermont Roster of Non-licensed and Non-certified Psychotherapists.
  • Successful completion of an 871-hour training in the Massage/Bodywork Program at the Wellness College of Vermont.
  • Two years of training in The Healer’s Apprenticeship Program at The School for Universal Consciousness.
  • Over 30 years in the field of Human Services with extensive experience in crisis and support work, including the areas of addiction, childhood trauma, adult trauma, grief, self-esteem, behavioral issues, and self-care planning.
  • Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner.
  • Certified Transformational Life Coach.
  • The embrace of my own healing journey and the commitment I’ve made to helping others.

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