Energy Healing FAQ

In the term Energy Healing, what is this energy and where does it come from?

The energy that therapists tap into when they do energy work is called universal energy, or life force energy. As creatures of the earth, we each have an energy field (also known as an aura), just like all animals, minerals, and plants. In fact, quantum physicists point out that the matter of which we are made is actually a form of energy. In other word they say we are energy. The fact that our bodies have substance and weight is because our energy is very dense.

A therapist can work on a client’s behalf by receiving this universal energy with a healing intention and using it to benefit him or her physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. What is remarkable and wonderful is that, through this, various types of healing frequently occur. This is why many of my clients consider it a valued part of the skills I offer.

Don’t you get exhausted after doing energy work?

Quite the contrary!  When I receive healing energy on behalf of the person I’m working with, it washes through me and over me as well. As a result, I also receive its benefits. It is a humbling experience for me and one that elicits my gratitude. I feel deeply peaceful and energized after such a session. It’s wonderful to experience healing energy.

What happens if I get emotional during energy work?

Some people do have emotional reactions when they are touched in either an energy healing or massage session. When this happens, I feel at ease. In fact, it’s not that uncommon and I’m used to dealing with things of this nature.

If you cry or scream or get emotional in some other way, I gladly allow this expression and will support you through it. I believe it’s better to express these things than to keep them in. We can stop and talk about what you experienced and then resume the massage if you want. However, if you want to deal with your emotional issue more deeply, we can also combine massage with psychotherapy. The fact is that this combination is often extremely effective and the two therapies can work beautifully together.

I’m a Christian. Do you think energy healing could go against the Bible and the Church?

Some people may think so and have very strong feelings about this. However it might be helpful for you to know that for me, like many other energy therapists, doing this work is something sacred. Before a client even steps through my door, I always ask within me that I be guided to give the assistance most needed for that person. I’m grateful that I can ask for this and receive it.

People of various religious and non-religious backgrounds have come to me for energy work and I welcome each and all. I don’t try to convince people to believe in God or follow one religion over another. However, I often encourage prayer if a person is open to it. I believe our spirituality is not only a vital and precious part of us, but it can also help us to live in the world in a way that is beneficial and fulfilling.

It’s not uncommon that someone comes to an energy healing session and tells me that, afterward, they feel more connected than ever to God and to their spirituality. I invite you to have a free consultation with me. Perhaps the answer would become clearer if you talked about your concerns and if you experienced energy work for yourself. I believe what’s most important is to find the answer to your question from the clarity within you.

I’m confused. I hear the names of various treatments with the word energy in them. Are they the same?

It certainly is easy to be confused about these terms. The terms energy healing, energy work, light work, energy therapy, and energy medicine actually mean the same thing—a therapy wherein the practitioner works with a person’s energy field in order to provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. However, the term energy medicine may also refer to radiation and other therapies of this type that are used in hospitals; these are very different from the therapies I practice.


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