Massage FAQ

To get a massage, do I have to undress all the way?

Depending on your comfort level, you get to decide how far you want to undress for massage. Everyone is different so there is no rule. It’s entirely up to you. Except for the part of your body that is being massaged, you will always be covered by a sheet or blanket.

I experienced trauma when I was a kid. What happens if cry or want to scream during a massage session? I think this could happen.

This is the same answer I gave to the similar energy healing FAQ and it is equally relevant here. Sometimes people have emotional reactions when they are touched in either an energy healing or massage session. Because it’s not that uncommon, I’m used to dealing with things of this nature.

If you cry, scream, or get emotional in some other way, I gladly allow this expression and will support you through it. I believe it’s better to express these things than to keep them in. We can stop and talk about what you experienced and then resume the massage if you want. However, if you want to deal with your emotional issue more deeply, we can also combine massage with psychotherapy. This combination is often extremely effective and the two therapies can work beautifully together.

Does massage therapy hurt? One of my friends got a deep massage and she actually felt it injured her muscle. And I heard of an elderly woman who got such a deep massage, she felt it messed her up for days.

Yes, deep massage can hurt, but it should not be so deep as to injure a muscle. A person should be sure to communicate with his or her massage therapist about how deep a massage is wanted, as well as any other preferences. It’s important for people to feel free to interrupt the massage at any point, especially if the therapist is causing them pain, or they’d like to have more or less pressure, or they’re feeling uncomfortable for some reason.

Secondly, I believe a massage therapist should always take your health history prior to the massage to determine how deep a touch is medically right for you. For example, if you have had a thrombus (a type of blood clot), a deep massage wouldn’t be safe for you. In fact, such deep pressure could become life-threatening in this instance. However, light touch would be safe.

In my experience, deep massage is not appropriate for an elderly person for a variety of reasons. For example, his or her skin may be so thin and fragile that it could be easily damaged, or he/she may have respiratory, nervous system, circulation, or other problems that would make it unsafe. Often a deep massage may just be too rough for an elder whereas a lighter massage might be nicely relaxing and healing. Whenever deep massage is contraindicated, a light massage on its own, or blended with energy work, can feel very fulfilling for many people and surprisingly, can actually relax muscles that are painfully tight.

I was sexually abused when I was young. I want a massage, but I’m afraid it will trigger all of the old pain and rage. In fact, I’m scared a therapist could abuse me like a doctor once did. Could you deal with this?

As your massage therapist, I would want you to tell me you have these issues. This way I could support you throughout the process if your emotions or memories were suddenly triggered. Knowing about your issues beforehand would allow me to provide a massage that would be least apt to trigger your past experiences.

I would also recommend holistic energy psychotherapy for you. Along with your receiving massage, we could make healing from sexual abuse our primary focus. This could be an important next step in your healing.

I work with many people who have issues of trauma, including childhood sexual abuse. I can give you my word that my clients will never suffer abuse from me. The doctor who abused you was absolutely wrong to have done so. I take the therapy at my clients’ pace and in a way that feels safe for them. It’s important to know that people can actually heal from sexual and other forms of abuse. It may take time, perseverance, and courage, but I’m glad to say that gradually there can be healing and life can be good again.


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