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I practice two types of psychotherapy: Traditional Psychotherapy / Counseling and Holistic Energy Psychotherapy. In both instances, if you come to me for services, I’ll help you experience the various aspects of yourself with greater awareness. This can bring surprising insight and reveal a path of change. This will help you with your relationship with your self as well as your relationships with others.

As desired, you’ll be able to learn new skills you can practice with me during session and then at home at home to bring increasing relaxation and peace into your life. Without even realizing it, you might find that our work gradually results in your beginning to form a new blue print of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health within you.

My clients tell me they like practicing their skills because they feel it’s how they’re able to make the changes they want in their lives. They just spend what time they feel they can on practicing and it works out well. Examples of what you might practice at home are learning new ways of practicing healthier self-talk, self-perception, saying affirmations the holistic way, exploring new attitudes, relaxation, journaling, and looking for things you are really grateful for. It may be also implementing the self-care program we’ve created together; and practicing new ways of behaving and communicating.

Traditional Psychotherapy / Counseling

Some of my clients choose Traditional Talk Therapy because they feel more comfortable with it and like how it fulfills their needs. Instead of using any one type of talk psychotherapy, I am eclectic because I feel the best approach depends on each person’s need. Many positive shifts can occur with this type of therapy and therefore I consider it to be of great value. We talk about the dynamics of the issues you’re experiencing and then together we create a self-care plan that’s stream-lined to you.That said, I am going to provide a longer explanation of the Holistic Energy Psychotherapy that follows simply because it is less well known.

Holistic Energy Psychotherapy

Holistic Energy Psychotherapy, which blends the aforementioned Talk Therapy with Energy Healing and Massage Therapy, also produces very favorable results. On a subtle level it seems to help people to feel who they are. Some have told me that it feels very safe to them, and others have said they’ll never choose another way of doing psychotherapy. Why?

I believe it’s because the energy healing process helps by enhancing each individual’s connection with their inner wisdom and spirit. It’s been my experience that it can also provide a way to reclaim those parts of themselves they have had to deny due to abusive or repressive circumstances.

Some people express their feeling that this way of doing therapy gives them a way to access the source of their issues more easily. In my view this is because we’re working with the energy field, which holds within it everything about them: their memories, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, their spiritual condition, behavior, beliefs, their body, and even their actions. For example, it may become evident in a session that a person’s energy field holds memories within its tissues known as “body memories”. Knowing this, you can imagine how working with their body and energy field might allow our being able to attend to the emotions in a wonderfully unique way.

Often Included in Therapy

  • Use of breathing to calm and ground yourself
  • Breathing relaxation and breathing meditation
  • Prayer and ritual
  • Affirmations done the holistic way: using your visual, auditory, emotional, and tactile senses
  • The monitoring of your breathing, self-talk and inner guidance to help you live well
  • Overcoming the pitfall of blaming self or others
  • Creating a climate of self-love and shrinking the critic or bully in your inner world
  • Communicating with every aspect of your being to promote health and well-being
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Feel free to read my Psychotherapy FAQ to learn more.

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“I have known, worked with, and made referrals to Marinna for 27 years. I have been her clinical supervisor for her work as a psychotherapist for almost four years.

In my opinion, Marinna is an individual of the highest moral caliber, a natural empath, a superb clinician, and a perpetual student devoted to improving her professional and clinical skills for the rest of her life. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with her. I would trust her to treat my family and friends, and can think of no higher praise I can bestow upon a colleague.”

— Dr. Neil Marinello, Solution-focused Life Coach, Retired Psychologist, Woodstock, VT