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Facilitating energy healing for someone always surprises me! This is because for each person the experience is different and thus tailored just for them. This modality must be experienced to know what it’s like and that’s one reason I offer a free initial consultation.

Some clients say they experience a deep relaxation and peace; they may feel they go to a deep inner pace that feels very good, nurturing and healing for them. Some report having some negative residue from a past experience leave them; they may feel the healing has been cleansing, grounding and uplifting. They may experience that it helps their old, buried wounds come to the surface where they can at last be tended to and receive the healing they need. After a session, I find a client will look quite different than when they arrived. It’s because they appear lighter in spirit, often happier, and if they didn’t look radiant coming in , they sure do after energy healing!

Others may receive a new insight or see suddenly how they can make a change for the better when they hadn’t been able to before. Perhaps they see images or feel moved in some way. People have told me that during the healing they felt their spiritual connection for the first time ever and that they feel affirmed as a person! Energy healing is a perfect go-along with psychotherapy because every aspect of a person is held within their aura or energy field and therefore can be accessed for healing.

The issues a person may bring up in Holistic Energy Psychotherapy, are most often the very ones that I see in my inner vision when I first place my hands on a person as we’re beginning our energy work session. When I first place my hands on a person, I do so to see what there is to see. What I see often informs me of aspects of their problem. I might see what has happened to them some time in their present life or see what’s happened in a past life that relates significantly to the challenges they’re going through presently. I may see that they unable to grieve or that they focus on past miseries so much that it suffocates positive changes that might occur.

While the experience is different for each individual, it almost always has a positive result.

Energy Healing

  • Alleviates stress & burnout
  • Heightens energy while deepening relaxation
  • Fosters connection with your wisdom and spirit
  • Promotes self acceptance & empowerment
  • Provides a way to reclaim yourself
  • Supports all body systems, even at the cellular level
  • Enhances your power to heal body, mind, emotions & spirit
  • Clears, rebalances, repatterns & illuminates the energy field

Feel free to read my Energy Healing FAQ to learn more.

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