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I practice two types of psychotherapy: Holistic Psychotherapy and Fine Energy Psychotherapy. They’re different from each other in a very unique way! One includes energy healing and the other doesn’t. However there are similarities too. One is that in both you’ll have a safe, comfortable place in which you can get your thoughts and feelings about your issues out in the open and share what they’re like for you… and then I can assist you in making the changes you wish. Another is that both can address the usual multitude of concerns including: self-esteem, anxiety, anger, grief, addictive behaviors, abuse/neglect/trauma, behavioral concerns, self talk, codependency, general relationship concerns, and those relationships that are abusive and toxic and so forth.

In both I’m there to carefully listen to your pain, dissatisfaction, confusion and desire to feel better. I’ll listen to your goals and hopes for your life, making a plan together to help you realize them. Both kinds of psychotherapy can have a very real influence on your quality of life and how you love and honor yourself – and others. There are wonderful ways to create what you want in your outer life as well as make your inner world a more friendly and empowering place to be.

Traditional Psychotherapy / Counseling

This type of psychotherapy is more like the more traditional talk therapy. However, I use whatever will help you no matter from which tradition it comes. Talking, listening, venting are all very important so that you can get these issues outside of yourself and get a better view of them. Aside from addressing your individual issues, there are many other ways for you to receive help… including monitoring and adjusting your thoughts to be more affirming and helpful to you; discerning what is true in your experiences and relationships; assisting with your emotions which instead of their being pushed away or given total free reign are there to be listened to, acknowledged, honored, and processed. Also exploring and experiencing your own true Self and connection to Spirit – more fully reclaiming who your are. Thus this more traditional talk therapy is actually quite varied and experiential. Some people feel very comfortable with a more talk-oriented therapy and thus choose this.

Fine Energy Psychotherapy

This form of psychotherapy is different from the one above in that it additionally includes time for energy healing which I facilitate mostly through non-sexual, light touch. In the beginning of the session, we may talk for 30 – 45 minutes just as I mentioned above. When you’re ready, we can proceed to the energy therapy aspect of it where you can relax on the treatment table, fully clothed. Often we can see how the issues you talked about are the very ones that are expressed in your energy field! Consequently we have a perfect opportunity to address them through your energy field.

It’s fascinating that no two people receive energy healing in the same way. Their experience will always be streamlined to them! This is because your experience will be a manifestation of your unique nature and personal history. Our energy field holds within it everything we’ve experienced, as well as everything we are and have been. I’m often able to feel, see, and sense what is whole and healthy in an individual through their energyfield (also known as their aura) OR I see what gets in the way of their wholeness. Also true is that during this type of session you may experience the wisdom that you have within you, which you may have been unaware of before. I have heard my clients express how amazing their experience of energy healing combined with psychotherapy can be. I, myself, often feel quite humbled as I facilitate such a session.

Often Included in Therapy

  • Use of breathing to calm and ground yourself
  • Breathing relaxation and breathing meditation
  • Prayer and ritual
  • Affirmations done the holistic way: using your visual, auditory, emotional, and tactile senses
  • The monitoring of your breathing, self-talk and inner guidance to help you live well
  • Overcoming the pitfall of blaming self or others
  • Creating a climate of self-love and shrinking the critic or bully in your inner world
  • Communicating with every aspect of your being to promote health and well-being
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Feel free to read my Psychotherapy FAQ to learn more.

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“I have known, worked with, and made referrals to Marinna for 27 years. I have been her clinical supervisor for her work as a psychotherapist for almost four years.

In my opinion, Marinna is an individual of the highest moral caliber, a natural empath, a superb clinician, and a perpetual student devoted to improving her professional and clinical skills for the rest of her life. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with her. I would trust her to treat my family and friends, and can think of no higher praise I can bestow upon a colleague.”

— Dr. Neil Marinello, Solution-focused Life Coach, Retired Psychologist, Woodstock, VT