Experiencing Your Life Desire and Intention

I’m thinking, with some amazement and wonder, that the things I’ve deeply desired have come to pass. It wasn’t necessarily that I consciously or deliberately decided that I wanted to have a deep experience of my spirituality or that I wanted to marry and have a family or that I wanted to have the capacity and strength to assist others. Those desires have always been a part of me, almost as if they were part of my soul. True I wasn’t always aware of their presence, but as I look over my life, they were always there.

Following your dreams, your inspiration, your deep desires are different ways of saying the same thing. I’m a person who believes that inspiration is something very special, something to be treasured, in fact something that is God-given.

What a powerful under-current in our lives this kind of desire can be. Have you been aware of what you deeply desire and recognize to be deeply fulfilling? This is powerful stuff! Typically, following these desires can make us feel deep-down good inside, and give us happiness. I’ve long thought that just having a deep desire for something actually sets it in motion.

Now what about the experience of setting an intention? I see this as a matter of choice, a deliberate act. “I will drive carefully and safely this morning.” Our subconscious is a wonderful aspect of ourselves. Whatever command we give it, it will follow. Our intention is like a rudder. And to whatever direction we point our rudder, it’s the job of our subconscious to take us there, making our intention a reality. “Driving carefully and safely” as already mentioned is a good example.

The take-away here is something that can make a significant difference in our lives.  And that is:
merely becoming aware of our deepest desires and embracing them can bring us something vital, hopeful and fulfilling, even if we don’t know yet how they can come to flower. The only caution is that the deep desire I’m talking about here best be one that has within it the seeds of something that will benefit you or another or the world. Remembering the rudder analogy, if we allow ourselves to feel our desire in a full way, the rest will follow. And, as for setting our intention, this is also a potent way to set our rudder, something that we can use on a daily basis that can help us be successful in the ways we want to be.