“Thank you, Marinna. Thank you for being a true professional I think of you this way, in part, because you put your heart and soul into the work we do together. Very often you’ve gone the extra mile for me. I really appreciate all that you do.”

— Pete, Hunting Guide, Canaan, NH

“For many years I held back the effects of an abusive childhood, feeling ashamed and guilty. When I reached middle age, I experienced a life-changing event which brought back a lot of those memories and I found myself in a personal crisis. I tried different counselors and even other paths of healing to find the help I so desperately wanted, but none worked for me. Finally, I found Marinna.

Let me tell you, from the first session, I felt an immediate improvement in my mental well-being, feeling recharged each time I went to her. She taught me how to love and take care of myself in a way I had never dared to before.

Marinna is a very rare person who cares very deeply and is very passionate about the work she does. She’s a great listener and the energy healing she provides is something I highly recommend. It was my lucky day when I came across her website and took that first step to a better life.”

— John, Upper Valley, VT

“From Marinna I received kindness and support at an exceptionally difficult time in my life. After treatment for breast cancer, I experienced chemo brain. At my fast-paced, detail-oriented job that I loved, and did well, I began to have trouble with my focus, memory, and some of my ability to talk and write clearly. I was so afraid my colleagues would notice this, I compensated by working quite late every evening. I feared seeking support at work could jeopardize this job I desperately needed for insurance. I became incredibly exhausted and stressed.

Just at my breaking point, my best friend introduced me to Marinna. Just sharing about this and receiving her energy healing helped me realize how unnecessary were the lengths to which I’d gone to save myself and my job. I can accept my new self and my new life after cancer. Marinna is a gifted practitioner. With her help, I finally stopped fighting myself and let go. I feel at peace. Her compassion and encouragement have given me the strength to overcome so I can live a normal, happy, and healthy life again. It’s wonderful to note that today I still have this job.

To other cancer survivors who are experiencing cognitive challenges, I highly recommend Marinna. Her help made it possible for me to overcome a challenge I thought was impossible.”

— M.W., Central VT

“Hi Marinna, when we had our first video session, the moment before we said anything to each other, I intuitively got the feeling that you were a person who has overcome something big and very challenging in your life. I felt all that and more without your ever saying a word about it. I’m sensitive to people that way. I hope it’s been ok for me to say this to you and that I haven’t crossed a boundary. The reason I wanted to convey this to you is that knowing you’ve overcome such adversity has been very powerful for me.

I know you to be very wise.

I know you love what you do.

I love what you do!

You’ve made such a big impact on me and my children.”

— Tracy, NH

“Thank you, Marinna, for your outstanding therapy. I feel you really know how to help people who’ve experienced trauma. You reflect back to me what is good for me to hear, like when I say something hurtful or untrue about myself. Or when I begin to escalate into a flashback, and you step in quickly to help me calm down and ground myself. This way I can go back to feeling regulated and balanced again and still continue to heal from my trauma.

You’ve taught me good ways to help myself in between sessions during my most difficult times.

Our use of EFT Tapping has played a big part in helping me manage stressful situations. I appreciate your compassionate understanding and your professional manner. I’m grateful for your calm demeanor. This has had a big impact on my healing. For me the therapy you practice has been life changing.”

— Pamela, Burlington, VT

“For many years I held back the effects of an abusive childhood, feeling ashamed and guilty. When I reached middle age I experienced another life-changing event which brought back a lot of those memories and I found myself in a personal crisis. I went to 3 counseling sessions which proved unhelpful. This crisis continued even when my wife and I relocated to Vermont. I tried several other paths to find the help I so desperately wanted, but to no avail. Finally, after stumbling around for another year, I found Marinna’s website. I was intrigued by what I read, so I decided to give her a chance.

Well, let me tell you. I started meeting with Marinna twice a week at her suggestion, due to the intensity of my situation, and I felt an immediate improvement in my mental wellbeing. Each time after a session, I came away feeling recharged. She taught me how to love and care for myself in a way that I had never dared to before.

Marinna is a very rare person who cares deeply and is very passionate about the work she does. She’s a great listener and the energy healing she provides is something I had never experienced before but would highly recommend. It was a very lucky day for me when I came across her website and took that first step to a better life.”

— John, Upper Valley, VT

“Working with Marinna has allowed me to feel supported to enter and heal previously inaccessible trauma. Her ability to gently draw out workable wounds through her offering of fine-energy psychotherapy is powerful and transformative.

I highly recommend Marinna to those who have felt unable to reach critical depth with other types of therapies.”

— Elisabeth C, Upper Valley of Vermont

“I have known, worked with, and made referrals to Marinna for 27 years. I have been her clinical supervisor for her work as a psychotherapist for almost 6 years.

In my opinion, Marinna is an individual of the highest moral caliber, a natural empath, a superb clinician, and a perpetual student devoted to improving her professional and clinical skills for the rest of her life. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with her. I would trust her to treat my family and friends, and can think of no higher praise I can bestow upon a colleague.”

— Dr. Neil Marinello, Solution-focused Life Coach, Retired Psychologist, Woodstock, VT

“I had a freak auto accident one morning. Although relatively unharmed, I awoke the next day crying uncontrollably, my symptoms worsening till they were psychologically paralyzing. Instinctively I remembered the energy work Marinna did, especially her work with people who’ve experienced trauma. And luckily she was able to see me that same day.

During that one appointment she helped to relieve me of all the trauma symptoms by using talk and energy therapy. My PTSD symptoms were completely gone! I have very high regard for Marinna’s ability to listen to her clients and use her formal training in unison with her wonderful intuitive abilities to help people heal. Marinna is a gifted, compassionate, and highly intuitive healer.”

— Melanie Williams, Licensed Psychologist, Upper Valley, VT

“Marinna has done such amazing work with me. She’s been great helping me with the life-controlling anxieties I’ve had for years.

During a recent talk session and the energy /massage therapy that followed it, I experienced a lot of release, as if something negative or dark was leaving me. This was replaced by a yellow bright light. Afterward I felt awesome. Since that time I’ve experienced less anxiety.”

— Sam B., Child Advocate, Upper Valley, VT

“I so glad you have the knowledge and the skills and the heart to do this work. After years of unsuccessful therapy, you have helped me grow so much. I never dreamed I’d actually find a therapist like you who combines talk therapy, touch and energy healing all together. But these are what you’ve provided for me. I am so grateful.”

— Kelly H., Domestic Care, Upper Valley, VT

“Psychotherapy with Marinna has been very helpful. I’ve been able to find different ways to deal with my stress, to calm down in my busy life and take care of myself. The blending of massage and energy therapy with counseling has been wonderful and healing.

When I come here to see Marinna, I feel taken care of both physically and emotionally. Thinking about how she’s able to connect with me reminds me of someone who’s written about “true listening” which involves connecting with the divine in the other person. That’s what I feel about Marinna, that she connects to the divine working in me.”

— J. White, Upper Valley, VT

“Because my first experience with energy work was so remarkable, I feel compelled to share it. I was at friend’s house and about to go to the hospital, having been extremely sick, when Marinna arrived. She found me and offered to do energy work with me. New to such a process, I was desperate enough to say yes.

With her treatment, the weakness and fatigue left my body, my heart and breathing rate returned to normal, and my eyes had become clear. This was a complete turn around. I felt so good that I felt like celebrating. When our friends saw me, they said exclaimed, “You look like yourself again.” and “What an about face you’ve taken!” I highly recommend her to anyone. My only regret is that Marinna doesn’t live in Florida!”

— Simon Binnie, Tequesta, FL

“I was amazed the day after our session and even now. After it, I felt that I was walking upright and walking tall. I felt that I could stand my ground and that my body was being supported by its energy.

This was a high for me. I feel good now and and experience boosted self esteem. This was very much needed.”

— Troy, Upper Valley, VT

“Marinna is a kind and gifted healer whose unique methods and intuitive bodywork leave me feeling peaceful and full of strength. In our session I have been able to address past issues and patterns of behavior that have been an obstacle in my life. Having the option of using energy, massage therapy and psychotherapy in the same session is wonderful.”

— Sharon Jones, Royalton, VT,  Mother and Homemaker

“It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Marinna Elaine for her massage therapy/healing work. She is a very caring, thorough, and talented individual and always very professional in every aspect of her work.”

— Dave Hunt, School Administrator (retired), Rochester, VT

“When Marinna massages me, I can feel the energy that flows through her hands and  experience the process of healing generated from within my body.

The pleasure and well-being I experience when she works with me is to be cherished and remembered in the interval between sessions. I find relief from tenacious physical problems. This gives me hope which helps me sustain the quality of my life in spite of handicaps and tragic events. I am relieved from the feeling of being trapped in my own body.”

— Frank Lornitzo, Research Scientist, (retired), Bradford, VT

“I’ve come to realize Marinna Elaine is a talented healer as well as  Massage therapist. The quality of her touch has been special and important to me.

Maybe what makes me feel better is that her touch seems to put me in touch with the best parts I know of myself. Or maybe it’s the “heating elements” she seems to have in her care-giving hands. At the very least, I can say that if I arrive for my session in a bad mood, I leave her office feeling better about myself and about the world.”

— Larry Revit, Engineering Consultant, Brownsville, VT

“Marinna Elaine’s intuitively-based energy work is very subtle, loving, and powerful. After two sessions, focusing on what I sensed was a nearly life-long area of energy blockage in my throat, I have noticed an increasing ability to express myself in poetry and prose. And my singing voice has improved as well.”

— Deborah Coffman, Musician, Woodstock, VT

“After having a double session with Marinna, not only do I feel like doing things again, I can actually do them. It is wonderful! Things have really improved for me.”

— Fran Gordon, Public Relations (retired), West Hartford, CT

“When it comes to massage and energy healing, I’ve never responded to anyone like I have to Marinna. With her I go into a deep inner relaxation. It feels like I’m on a cloud. There, I feel a wonderful peacefulness and security. I have the sense of doing something really good for myself.”

— Joannie Tabor, Bethel, VT, Business Owner

“With Marinna I’ve been able to gain new emotional freedom. Our process helped me to become more independent and more successful at communicating with a certain loved one. Also Marinna showed me how well my body and emotions could respond to a positive and loving attitude on my part. So in spite of everything I’ve faced, I can still experience a glow of contentment.”

— Frank L., Northern VT

“The inner security and peacefulness I have left our sessions with…the strength and confidence I’ve gained in many areas of my life…the encouragement and caring Marinna has shown me…all of these have helped me to become a more accepting person and a more self-assured human!

In my eyes Marinna is genuine and wise and her work had been valuable to me.”

— Joanne Moulton, Lebanon, NH, Store Clerk

“Marinna’s therapy includes anything that contributes to wholeness. While well-acquainted with many different approaches and areas in healing, she comes across as a regular person.  She’ll shy away from nothing that will help.

She’s very thorough in her investigating the problem you bring her and will help you understand  for yourself  different aspects of it you might not have thought of. With her help, I’ve become freer of self-reproach, and have found a way to see things in a new light and thus behave in new ways.

When I felt the frustration of being unable to communicate with a loved one, Marinna helped me find another way to do so. In spite of everything, I remain happy.”

__F. L., Upper Valley of Vermont

“Marinna has been a joy  to work with. When I embarked on therapy I was extremely depressed; my options seemed few. I lacked the ability to stand up for myself or recognize my self worth. I’d tucked away my pain for years.

She possesses such empathy and a wonderfully non-judgemental understanding of people and situations. She’s reflective, knowledgable, informative, and has empowered me. I’m able to use the skills and tools she taught me and they have a continuing positive effect on my life. Some of most interesting and impactful therapy has come from our energy work.

A lot of time now, I feel happier, confident, stronger in myself and more reflective. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of  her teachings and  feel comforted in knowing that she has helped me find myself again…Marinna is not only a great psychotherapist and energy healer, but a great person and I give her many thanks.”

__M., South Royalton, VT

“Marinna has been a tremendous help to me in understanding myself. Her methods, some conventional and some unique to her, got to the root of things faster and more effectively that any other therapist has done for me before. She has a singular aptitude for this work and has plenty of warmth and compassion as well.”

__J.S., Retired, Hanover, NH

“I began working with Marinna when I had little direction in how to make my life happier and more satisfying. She taught me to see with my own eyes how I actually viewed myself. I had a ton of negative talk going on internally.

 Marinna alerts me to instances where  a simple shift in perspective can make all the difference in my outlook. This in turn effects what steps I take to make my life better in the present moment.  And seeing myself differently has also helped me see others differently. For example I can see friends and strangers as supportive allies now.

Her energy work is wonderful, very relaxing both emotionally and physically, a feeling I carry that feeling with me for days after my session. I feel more at peace and present during and after our energy sessions. Just writing this testimonial is helping me make my day into a better one.”

__ Meghan from the Upper Valley

“I am having a wonderful experience with Marinna. A year and a half ago, I had been in the depths of despair when I discovered my cancer diagnosis. She has worked with me with skill, love and compassion and in the process I’ve become more positive and hopeful. When she facilitated energy healing with me, it brought me in closer touch with my spirituality.

The empathy she gives me is something I can give to others. She’s able to get to the heart of the matter. She has helped me go through the grieving process that seems to accompany serious illness. She never makes it about her agenda for me; she’s willing to flow with me in her skilled way.

Marinna is a loving spirit. Her kind ways always bring me down to earth so that I can deal much better with my fears of having a serious illness. “

__Ally  L., White River Jct., VT

“I love the way you work with me, Marinna, helping me to get to know the various parts of me. I feel more connected now; not as fragmented as before. And what’s more, I’ve gotten more comfortable with them…and you know I haven’t always welcomed these parts of myself with open arms! I find that getting to know them has helped me. I feel like they’re my internal family. I know they’re there for a reason and I’ve learned it’s good to listen to them.”

There’s another thing I appreciate and that is regarding a relationship I have. I’m trying to see if it will prove to be a healthy one. I like having your validation of our journey. Instead of judging it, you accept that it can be “messy”, meaning imperfect at times. I really like that you don’t judge this.”

G.B., Upper Valley of NH

“Hi Marinna, I feel “tremendously” better. As I  think back, it is a little amazing that I feel so different from when I dragged myself in to see you in March! I even wake up feeling energetic and am more productive at work too. Inside I feel good, happier, healthier, calmer, and more positive. I feel more “amused” by life, not so heavy. Life is lighter and so much more enjoyable.

Between sessions with you, and the yoga, I found what I needed to regain my positive sense of self. This was my first experience with energy work. Integrating that with our talks made counseling feel more natural to me. What I call my “inner core strength” is returning  too as I get physically stronger. I am so happy about that. Thank you, thank you! I’m grateful for finding you.”

__Susan, NH

“It was when my life was becoming increasingly chaotic and stressful, tending towards more self-destructive ways that I found Marinna. I had too much on my mind on top of a highly demanding law school schedule. Deep-seated childhood issues still plagued me, causing anxiety. I wanted to find a constructive way to deal with all of this. I wasn’t sure that Marinna could help me, but I kept my mind open.

Keeping my regular appointments with her over the next year and a half proved extremely important to my growth. I benefited from her traditional talk therapy approach where I initially felt most comfortable. However as my trust in her grew, my growth took off exponentially. When she suggested I explore energy healing,  and other types of therapy new to me, I finally felt I could do this. And this helped me to progress in ways I hadn’t thought possible.

She has a unique approach. This has been a huge asset to me during the eighteen months that I was her patient. Every day I am grateful for the insight and sense of well-being that she helped me bring into my life.”

__A., South Royalton, VT

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