Energy Healing — South Burlington, VT

I find the energy healing process a most fascinating, adventuresome and humbling experience to facilitate!

It is evident to me that we have within us an innate wisdom that helps us to heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually in very individual ways. I also believe and experience we can receive this for ourselves and others just for the asking. I find that the world of spirit is full of love and support. I always ask for the highest level of help for our sessions when I ask for inner guidance before a session.

Clients are free to verbalize any intention or none at all before beginning their session. Intentions might go something like this: “My intention for this session is to receive healing for my illness, for my shoulder, for the fibromyalgia I have or for something quite different such as for emotional healing, to obtain insight, for help with burn-out, trauma, or feeling upset, disturbed or out of balance in any way.” In other words you can seek help for anything at all though energy healing.

Instead of planning for something to happen during a healing session, prior to each session, I always say a prayer for protection and guidance for both myself and my client and that s/he receives what they need at the time. For me this is a sacred process and I rely on this prayer during the session. I’ve learned to trust our experience as it unfolds. And in my experience rightly so because I could never dream up some of the ways in which positive shifts occur. I am very fortunate to receive guidance in many forms during a session. Sometimes I work quietly; sometimes our sessions become quite interactive with great benefit.

Energy Healing

  • Alleviates stress & burnout
  • Heightens energy while deepening relaxation
  • Fosters connection with your wisdom and spirit
  • Promotes self acceptance & empowerment
  • Provides a way to reclaim yourself
  • Supports all body systems, even at the cellular level
  • Enhances your power to heal body, mind, emotions & spirit
  • Clears, rebalances, repatterns & illuminates the energy field

Feel free to read my Energy Healing FAQ to learn more.

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