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Whether your issues are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or any combination of these, we’ll form a partnership for your healing. I’m results-oriented and like to work with an empathetic, respectful, down to earth attitude; and at the same time with an attitude of reverence. As long as it serves you well, your goal becomes my goal. Working with people is something I’ve done all of my  life and is an honor for me.

Holistic/Traditional Psychotherapy

traditional-psychotherapyI use this term broadly to mean that this therapy occurs through our talking together. It’s the form that people may be most familiar with. For those who’d like this mode of therapy, it stands on its own merit and can be very effective. In this modality there is no touch. You are free to use this mode of session or, if desired, you can try Fine Energy Touch. There’s always flexibility.

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Energy Psychotherapy

Healing Into Wellness OfficeHere Energy Psychotherapy attends to your emotions, mind, body, and spirit through your whole being. There is some time to talk together both before and after the energy healing itself. This allows for time for you to express your issues which are then tended to as they are expressed and felt in energy field which includes your body. As the name implies, I facilitate Energy Psychotherapy mostly through touch while you lay fully clothed on the massage table or even sitting on a chair. It provides many ways to help a person and perhaps a more direct approach for resolving your issues.

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Energy Healing

energy-healingEnergy Healing is also known as Energy Therapy, Energy Work or Energy Medicine. It is a way of treating a person through his or her energy field [aura]. Since our energy field relates to each and every aspect of our body and being, the results of this treatment cover a wide spectrum. It may be used for its healing effect on the body, mind, emotion or spirit. In my perception, once a change occurs in any one of these, the others are also positively affected even if it’s in a subtle way.

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

massage-therapyText to come…

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“I have known, worked with, and made referrals to Marinna for 27 years. I have been her clinical supervisor for her work as a psychotherapist for almost four years.

In my opinion, Marinna is an individual of the highest moral caliber, a natural empath, a superb clinician, and a perpetual student devoted to improving her professional and clinical skills for the rest of her life. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with her. I would trust her to treat my family and friends, and can think of no higher praise I can bestow upon a colleague.”

— Dr. Neil Marinello, Solution-focused Life Coach, Retired Psychologist, Woodstock, VT