What We Remember

Don’t we tend to remember the worst things that happen to us…sometimes more than the positive things? Somehow they can make a bigger splash in our psyche! So out of all things we’ve experienced over the last few months, we might remember those that didn’t go as well as we’d hoped. This is true especially if we’re in a certain … Read More

Experiencing Your Life Desire and Intention

I’m thinking, with some amazement and wonder, that the things I’ve deeply desired have come to pass. It wasn’t necessarily that I consciously or deliberately decided that I wanted to have a deep experience of my spirituality or that I wanted to marry and have a family or that I wanted to have the capacity and strength to assist others. Those desires … Read More

Making a Breakup Easier

In psychotherapy sessions, one form of transition I have worked with is divorce or the breaking up of a relationship. If it becomes nasty, how does one continue to make all the necessary arrangements and decisions that this changing relationship demands in such things as court hearings, meetings with lawyers, and mediation sessions? These may be laced with resentments and … Read More

A Person Can Heal

The important thing to know is that we can heal and life can become better and better and finally good. So let’s think for a moment about the person who’s experienced a terrible grief, violation, or terror? The very hard thing here is not only the event itself. It’s the fact that when people who’ve been intensely hurt are ready to … Read More

Experience it, Remember it

Various happenings can cause us the greatest… It’s true that various happenings can cause us the greatest hardship. But this is only part of the truth. It’s what we tell ourselves about these hardships that causes us perhaps even greater and more extended suffering. Knowing the truth of this, I don’t make light of it. For example, let’s imagine that … Read More