A New Twist on Affirmations — These Can Transform!

It is true that once upon a time a client of mine, Lily, considered herself less than terrific. Hating and not respecting herself was truly a suffering. However she became determined to become happy. Her definition of ‘happy’ began with respecting and loving herself. Fortunately she was interested in saying affirmations. We’d talked about how affirmations were about making a … Read More

Our society has come a long way, but…

Our society has come a long way, but some people still harbor suspicions about the person who has a need for therapy. “Weak”… “Dependent”…“Crazy”… are the labels they use. The result? Those who are considering therapy may shy away when it would really help them. Why all the judgment? Why this unforgiving attitude? Thank God, not everyone thinks this way! … Read More